2018 BAA Progress Report 12.13.2018


How can your parish reach the BAA goal?


In addition to having a solid plan for your parish appeal, it is equally important to implement activity that continues to educate yet gain the attention of new donors. Here are some helpful tips to assist in a successful parish Bishop’s Annual Appeal.


Download: Parish Resource Manual


The power of prayer creates a unified strength that should always be encouraged and never underestimated.

Review, Evaluate and Plan

Review your parish BAA results from last year, evaluate all approaches that were taken, determine ways to improve results and create a plan that will achieve your parish goal. Share that plan with your parishioners.

Offer EVERYONE the Opportunity to Participate

Do not decide what your parishioners will or will not financially support. Give them a chance to make their own decision. The best way to do this is through a strong, in-pew education and ask.


If you don’t ask, donors will not give. Everyone likes to be asked. A donor does not know what you want, need or what is expected until they are asked.

Include Youth, Parish Ministries & Parish Staff

Being part of the BAA for your parish draws these important ambassadors into the participation in the life, mission and work of our Catholic Faith Community.

Know the Facts

Be sure that everyone sharing the good news of the physical, educational and spiritual programs of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal is speaking with factual information. There is plenty of it, and it’s all good. Review the manual and watch the video (English / Spanish), then share the information.

Target a Specific Amount

Don’t generalize gift giving. Mention pledge options to maximize your offer. Everyone appreciates knowing what is expected of them. Research the average gift for your parish last year, and challenge those below that level to meet it. Challenge those who give above it to raise their sites higher. Keep your sights high, and don’t seek the lowest gift option first.

Make Your Pledge First

As a faithful parish leader make your own gift/pledge first, leading others to support the Appeal by your own example.

Keep a Positive Attitude

This is a parish appeal and a positive approach to its objective and overall importance to your parish should remain sincere and upbeat.

Informative Parish Announcements

Bulletin and pulpit announcements each week regarding the Appeal are essential. Be short, informative and grateful.

Thank Everyone!

There is no substitute for genuine gratitude and affirmed progress.

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