Adult Catechesis

Rite of Election

When a Catechumen and the priest and the parish team working with him or her believes the person is ready to make a faith commitment to Jesus in the Catholic Church, the next step is the request for baptism and the celebration of the Rite of Election.

The Rite of Election is celebrated in our diocese on the Saturday after Ash Wednesday and the First Sunday of Lent.

Sponsors should accompany Catechumens and Candidates. You may invite all who have had a part in their formation, particularly those on the RCIA team. Family members and all other interested individuals in the parish should be encouraged to make a pilgrimage with them for the solemn occasion.

Those parishes who will be sending Catechumens and Candidates may want to celebrate the optional “Parish Celebration for Sending Catechumens for Election and Candidates for Recognition by the Bishop” in the parish before coming to the Rite of Election.

The Catechumens will be coming forward to sign a Diocesan Book of Elect. You do not need to bring your parish book.

A link will be emailed to the parishes for registration.

Vicar for Evangelization and Education

Very Reverend Kevin O'Keefe
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Managing Director of Evangelization and Discipleship

Caroline Geddings

Director of Formation and Catechesis

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