Rita DeLorme Articles 2003 - Present

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Topic Article Title Publishedsort ascending File Edit
Seminarians Gone and (sometimes) forgotten: seminarians who died September 4, 2014 PDF icon A 09-04-14 CROSS 07.pdf
Brittingham, Thomas G. The Brittinghams of Augusta August 21, 2014 PDF icon A 08-21-14 CROSS 07.pdf
Jones, Nicholas J. The Saga of Nicholas J. Jones August 7, 2014 PDF icon A 08-07-14 CROSS 07.pdf
Cathechism A Catechism from Montana July 24, 2014 PDF icon A 07-24-14 CROSS 07.pdf
Knights of Columbus in U.S. Military Georgia's Knights of Columbus and the U.S.Military July 10, 2014 PDF icon A 07-10-14 CROSS 07.pdf
Baseball Baseball's early days in the Bulletin, 1921-1950 June 26, 2014 PDF icon A 06-26-14 CROSS 07.pdf
Saraf, Philip J. Illuminating the life and art of Philip Saraf June 12, 2014 PDF icon A 06-12-14 CROSS 07.pdf
Yellow Fever Savannah's deadly 1876 Epidemic May 29, 2014 PDF icon A 05-29-14 CROSS 11.pdf
Brisbane, General Abbot H. Brisbane's Folly May 15, 2014 PDF icon A 05-15-14 CROSS 07.pdf
Meerschaert, Theophile Mystery in a Box: diary of a prairie bishop May 1, 2014 PDF icon A 05-01-14 CROSS 07.pdf
Brennan, Rev. Thomas A. Nuts and Bolts of Being a Missionary April 17, 2014 PDF icon A 04-17-14 CROSS 07.pdf
Fahey, Hannah Sister Peter Claver Fahey, MSBT April 4, 2014 PDF icon A 04-03-14 CROSS 07.pdf
Irish in Savannah Irish at the Siege of Savannah March 20, 2014 PDF icon A 03-20-14 CROSS 07.pdf
McCormack, Bee History of St. Teresa's parish, Albany March 6, 2014 PDF icon A 03-06-14 CROSS 07.pdf
McAuley Award Football coach, SVA student, administrator, all won award February 6, 2014 PDF icon A 01-23-14 CROSS 07.pdf
Reidy, Sister Virgilius "Clarence was an independent thinker" January 23, 2014 PDF icon A 02-06-14 CROSS 07.pdf
Locust Grove Monoghans of Locust Grove January 9, 2014 PDF icon A 01-09-14 CROSS 11.pdf
Military Chaplains Military Chaplains of the Diocese December 26, 2013 PDF icon A 12-26-13 CROSS 07.pdf
Munn, Rev. Daniel Father Daniel Munn's Path to Rome December 12, 2013 PDF icon A 12-12-13 CROSS 07.pdf
Springfield St. Boniface Church, Springfield November 28, 2013 PDF icon A 11-28-13 CROSS 07.pdf
Carmelites Mystery: first Carmelites in Savannah November 14, 2013 PDF icon A 11-14-13 CROSS 07.pdf
Sharon church Church listed as historic "place in peril" October 31, 2013 PDF icon A 10-31-13 CROSS 07.pdf
Gartland book Shadow of a saint remains in shadows October 17, 2013 PDF icon A 10-17-13 CROSS 07.pdf
Most Pure Heart of Mary, Savannah Church building for sale October 3, 2013 PDF icon A 10-03-13 CROSS 07.pdf
Miracle House Miracle House, New York September 19, 2013 PDF icon A 09-19-13 CROSS 07.pdf


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