Rita DeLorme Articles 2003 - Present

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St. Patrick's churches Two Civil War St. Patrick's Churches February 23, 2006 PDF icon s8608p03.pdf
Brown, Rev. W.T. St. John Rev. W.T. St. John Brown, priest and scholar February 16, 2006 PDF icon S8607p03.pdf
Fire chiefs Catholic fire chiefs, Ballantyne, Brosnan, Butler February 9, 2006 PDF icon S8606p03.pdf
Poole, William C. Mysterious Father William Poole, Rome graduate February 2, 2006 PDF icon S8605p03.pdf
Monsignors Mitchell, Croke, Kane First three monsignors, Mitchell, Croke, Kane January 26, 2006 PDF icon S8604p03.pdf
Acadian Catholics of St. Mary's Acadian Catholics of St. Mary's and Father Vocelle January 12, 2006 PDF icon S8602p03.pdf
Watts, William B. William B. Watts of Macon January 5, 2006 PDF icon S8601p03.pdf
Von Trapp singers CYPA and Von Trapp family singers December 22, 2005 PDF icon s8545p03.pdf
Okefenokee Oblates Okefenokee Oblates December 15, 2005 PDF icon s8544p03.pdf
Organists Some long-term organists in the Diocese December 8, 2005 PDF icon s8543p03.pdf
O'Neill, third father Third, elusive "Father O'Neill" December 1, 2005 PDF icon S8542p03.pdf
Americus, St. Jerome's chapel Saitn Jerome's chapel, timeline November 24, 2005 PDF icon S8541p03.pdf
Immaculate Conception School, Augusta Immaculate Conception School, Augusta November 17, 2005 PDF icon s8540p03.pdf
Weiss, Father Francis J. Father Francis J. Weiss, SMA November 10, 2005 PDF icon s8539p03.pdf
Wellmeier, Father Herbert Father Herbert Wellmeier November 3, 2005 PDF icon s8538p03.pdf
Cathedral custodians Harold Monson and other Cathedral Custodians October 27, 2005 PDF icon s8537p03.pdf
Sumter, Natalie Delage French Emigree Natalie DeLage Sumter October 20, 2005 PDF icon s8536p03.pdf
Farmer, Father FX, SJ Methodist minister, convert, priest, Father Farmer October 13, 2005 PDF icon S8535p03.pdf
Gabbett, Fr. Cyril Father Cyril Gabbett October 6, 2005 PDF icon S8534p03.pdf
Sacred Heart church, Savannah Sacred Heart Church architecture September 29, 2005 PDF icon S8533p03.pdf
Extension Society Extension Society 100 years old September 22, 2005 PDF icon S8532p03.pdf
Augusta priests Eight priests buried in "Land of the Sanctuary" September 8, 2005 PDF icon S8530p03.pdf
O'Dwyer, Father John P. Father John P. O'Dwyer, first bishop? September 5, 2005 PDF icon S8531p03.pdf
Henderson, Pvt. John M.Jr. Remembering a fallen hero of Operation Freedom September 1, 2005 PDF icon S8529p03.pdf
Brennan, Father Robert Fathers Robert Brennan and J. Robert Brennan August 4, 2005 PDF icon S8528p03.pdf


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