School Transcript Requests

The story of Diocesan Catholic Schools are an important part of the Catholic heritage in South Georgia.  The Archives cares for student records from closed Catholic Schools including:

High Schools/Seminary

  • St. John Vianney Minor Seminary, Savannah
  • Marist High School, Savannah (1919-1939)
  • Pius X High School, Savannah
  • Sacred Heart Grammar School & High School, Augusta

Grammar Schools

  • St. Anthony Grammar School, Savannah
  • St. Benedict the Moor Grammar School, Savannah
  • Cathedral Grammar School, Savannah
  • St. Joseph School, Waycross
  • St. Michael Grammar School, Tybee Island
  • Notre Dame Academy, Savannah (1990-2015)
  • St. Mary's Grammar School, Savannah
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Grammar School, Columbus
  • Sacred Heart Grammar School, Savannah (1916-1969)
  • Sacred Heart Interparochial School, Savannah (1969-1990)
  • St. Vincent's Grammar School, Savannah

We have some administrative records and photos from these schools as well. Please contact the Archives to obtain copies of your school records. We are not releasing information for genealogical purposes at this time. Please check back to this website as our policies are being updated.

photo: St. Mary's School, Savannah Graduation, date unknown. (Copyright Diocese of Savannah-Archives.)

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