Bishop's Annual Appeal 2016

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Luke 12:34
The words of St. Luke ring so true.  Where we spend our time, talent and treasure, we will find our heart there also. If we store our treasure on earth, then our heart will be drawn to the things of this earth.  If we store our treasure where Christ is, then we will find our heart there as well.
The greatest gift that God has given us is the gift of faith. Our Lord asks us to practice our faith and also to share our faith.  The most significant and valued gift that we can give our children and grandchildren is the example of our lived faith. If we want our children and grandchildren to come to love and live their faith in God, then we must witness it ourselves.
Our Catholic faith is handed on from person to person like the delicate flame of a candle. As your bishop, it is my first responsibility to ensure that this treasure of our Catholic faith is taught and lived in our parish communities.  I do this in concert with our priests, deacons, religious and dedicated lay leaders in our parishes and other ministries throughout the Diocese of Savannah.  Our Catholic faith is the treasure of our diocese.  That is where our heart is.
I come to you again this year with a deep sense of gratitude for the support you have shown to our previous Bishop’s Annual Appeals.  This Appeal ensures that our precious faith will continue to be taught and experienced throughout our diocese in a variety of ways.  First and foremost, this Appeal provides the education and formation of our future priests.  It also provides the resources necessary to teach the faith to our children and grandchildren through our Religious Education programs as well as support of Catholic schools.  The Annual Appeal also helps us feed the poor, protect our children and assist with Family Life Ministries.
Please help me with a sacrificial gift that will enable us to teach and experience our lived faith and pass on this rich treasure to the heart of the next generation. 
With prayerful best wishes, I am 

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv.
Bishop of Savannah


About Bishop's Annual Appeal

Ministries and Agencies funded by the BAA:

The money raised through the Bishop’s Annual Appeal helps make possible the following ministries, programs and offices:
Deanery Social Services
Catholic Charities
Family Advancement Ministries (Macon)
Family Life
Faith Formation
Young and Young Adult
Campus Ministry
Catholic Schools
The Bishop’s Annual Appeal provides substantial funding for the education of seminarians presently studying for the priesthood. It also helps fund the Diaconate program.

Programs for Hispanic, Migrant and African American groups are supported by funds from the BAA. The migrant population in South Georgia reaches as many as 75,000 people in peak seasons. Much of the expenses are Priest salary subsidies.
The Communications Office handles communications between the Diocese and both the Catholic and secular communities in South Georgia and throughout the world. It provides a link between diocesan offices and parishes and the diocesan newspaper, The Southern Cross

Other ministries such as the Councils of Priests and Religious, the Stewardship Office, the Tribunal, Spiritual Renewal and Ecumenism also receive funding from the BAA. 

The Diocese has committed 3% of the monies raised by the BAA to be considered a diocesan "tithe.” In keeping with his commitment to Stewardship, the Bishop has designated that these funds to be used outside of our immediate needs for the good of the larger church and its people.

Ways to Give

Thank you for prayerfully considering a gift to the Bishop's Annual Appeal.  All gifts are important, large or small.

Gifts can be made in the following ways:

  1. Fill out the pledge card you received in church or via the mail and send your check, made payable to the 'Diocese of Savannah' to:
    Bishop's Annual Appeal
    Catholic Diocese of Savannah
    P.O. Box 116633
    Atlanta, GA  30368-6633

    ** Please write the name of your parish on the memo line of the check.  **

  2. Make a gift or pledge online: DONATE NOW
  3. Stock Transfer - How to Give

Bishop's Annual Appeal Video Messages

2016 English Video:
2016 Video en Español:


How can your parish reach the BAA goal?


Basics for a Successful BAA

In addition to having a solid plan for your parish appeal, it is equally important to implement activity that continues to educate yet gain the attention of new donors. Here are some helpful tips to assist in a successful parish Bishop’s Annual Appeal.


The power of prayer creates a unified strength that should always be encouraged and never underestimated. 

  Review, Evaluate, Plan

Review your parish BAA results from last year, evaluate all approaches that were taken, determine ways to improve results and create a plan that will achieve your parish goal. Share that plan with your parishioners.

►  Offer EVERYONE the Opportunity to Participate 

Do not decide what your parishioners will or will not financially support.  Give them a chance to make their own decision.  The best way to do this is through a strong, in-pew education and ask.

►  Ask – Ask – Ask

If you don’t ask, donors will not give. Everyone likes to be asked. A donor does not know what you want, need or what is expected until they are asked. 

  Include Youth, Parish Ministries & Parish Staff

Being part of the BAA for your parish draws these important ambassadors into the participation in the life, mission and work of our Catholic Faith Community.

  Know the Facts

Be sure that everyone sharing the good news of the physical, educational and spiritual programs of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal is speaking with factual information. There is plenty of it, and it’s all good. Review the manual and watch the video (English / Spanish), then share the information.

  Target a Specific Amount

Don’t generalize gift giving. Mention pledge options to maximize your offer. Everyone appreciates knowing what is expected of them.  Research the average gift for your parish last year, and challenge those below that level to meet it.  Challenge those who give above it to raise their sites higher.  Keep your sights high, and don’t seek the lowest gift option first.

  Make Your Pledge First

As a faithful parish leader make your own gift/pledge first, leading others to support the Appeal by your own example. 

  Keep a Positive Attitude

This is a parish appeal and a positive approach to its objective and overall importance to your parish should remain sincere and upbeat.

  Informative Parish Announcements

Bulletin and pulpit announcements each week regarding the Appeal are essential. Be short, informative and grateful.  

  Thank Everyone!

There is no substitute for genuine gratitude and affirmed progress.

Bishop's Annual Appeal Resources

Prayers of the Faithful [pdf]
Calendar of Success [pdf]
Parish Resource Manual - English  [pdf]
BAA Bulletin / Pulpit Announcements [pdf]
Logos:  No Date [jpg]
             2016 BAA Tagline - English [jpg]
             2016 BAA Tagline - Spanish [jpg]
             2016 BAA Dove - English [jpg]
             2016 BAA Dove - Spanish [jpg]
2016 BAA Parish Goals [pdf]

Parish Progress Report

We Thank You For Your Generous Support of the Bishop's Annual Appeal.
Final 2016 BAA Progress Report 2/10/2017

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