Catholic Foundation of South Georgia

About Us

The Catholic Foundation of South Georgia exists to enhance the quality of life for families across the Diocese of Savannah, now and for generations to come, by building endowments, addressing needs for parishes, schools and agencies through grantmaking, and providing leadership on Catholic community issues.

Our goal is to help parishes, schools and families build their endowment funds so that they are fruitful streams of support for the future.

Who we Serve

We serve parishes, schools and families by offering resources and strategies for planned giving. We partner with professional advisors in parishes across the diocese to offer vehicles for planned giving, and we work with parish councils, school finance boards and agency representatives to help grow their endowment funds.

Professional Investment Management

The funds of the Catholic Foundation of South Georgia benefit from professional investment management that is provided in an efficient and effective way.

The Catholic Foundation currently manages more than $15 million in endowment assets for the benefit of the parishes, schools and agencies across South Georgia. Endowment funds are a unique long-term investment in preserving our Catholic heritage and require prudent investment and distribution policies.

All of the Catholic Foundation endowments benefit from the investment advantages achieved by the size of the total investment.

Types of Funds

  • Parish Endowment Funds offer parishes an opportunity for families to leave a legacy to their church while broadening their stewardship opportunities. Families give to what has been most important to them in their lifetime and their church has been a place where relationships have been nurtured and their faith deepened.

    Parish Endowment Funds:

    • Give donors a chance to leave a legacy to their parish or school and be recognized for their stewardship.
    • Provide ongoing income for the needs of the parish.
    • Help secure the financial future for the parish with a stream of income.
    • Heighten awareness and understanding of parish planned giving programs and activities.
    • Identify opportunities for parish planned giving.
    • Allow for the acceptance of diversified assets to build parish endowments.
  • School Endowment Funds provide an ongoing stream of income for our schools and provide scholarships to young people to attend a Catholic elementary or high school and/or college. School Endowment Funds allows us to preserve Catholic education across the Diocese of Savannah for future generations.

    School Endowment Funds:

    • Provide instructional improvements and media resources.
    • Offer support for needs that improves the quality of education for our young people.
    • Provide funds for capital improvement.
  • Family-Named Endowment Funds give donors the chance to support a parish, school, cemetery, seminarian education or an agency in the Diocese that is nearest to their heart. It's a way for families to deepen their philanthropy and address needs while leaving a legacy.

  • Scholarship Funds are one of the fastest growing endowment fund categories in philanthropy. Families and individuals can make a difference in a student's life by providing a scholarship that allows them to further a Catholic education. Even with the rising costs of higher education, college scholarships gives students the opportunity to go to the Catholic college of their choice. Scholarship Funds also offer donors a way to memorialize a loved one.

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