Example Gartland Press Release

The examples below are typical press releases sent to local newspapers. They are provided to for your reference only.

Wanda Martin is one of the original members of St. Margaret Mary Parish. For more than 30 years, she has played a quiet role in maintaining continuity in her church community. She has made it her personal duty and honor to launder, iron and make ready the altar cloths used in daily and weekly Masses.

“Wanda has ready smile and shares her faith by her active participation at Mass and by her daily activities,” said Fr. Fredy Angel, pastor of Queen of Peace parish and its missions including St. Margaret Mary Church.

Miriam Bennett’s 80 years have not slowed her consistent attention to detail. She arrives early for daily Mass to prepare the altar; and remains late to ensure cleanliness of the church. She does not hesitate to join in various ministries including, but not limited to, reading at daily Mass, counting offertory, cleaning church and Rosary making for overseas missions.

“Miriam is an inspiration for young and old alike,” says Fr. Fredy Angel. “She truly represents the church in prayer and deed.”

Bill Hayes is always willing to serve others and never desires to be in the limelight. He records video at special events at St. Francis of Assisi, serves on the Parish Council as chairman of the grounds committee, and designed and maintains the St. Francis website, among other ministries. He also volunteers at the D. Ray James Federal prison and is involved in the restoration of the old historic chapel. “Bill’s faith is seen through his willingness to be of service to his parish and others,” says Fr. Gabe Cummings, pastor of St. Francis of Assisi. “Bill goes the extra mile and uses all his many talents to the greater glory of God.”
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