Special Collection Dates

  2018 2019
Black and Native American Missions
(2nd Sunday in January)
January 14 January 13
Aid to Eastern Europe
(Ash Wednesday)
February 14 March 6
Catholic Relief Services Collection
(4th Sunday of Lent)
March 11 March 31
Pontifical Good Friday Collection for the Holy Land
(Good Friday)
March 30 April 19
Priests’ Retirement
(Easter Sunday)
April 1 April 21
Catholic Home Missions Appeal
(last Sunday in April or 3rd Sunday after Easter)
April 29 April 28
Catholic Communications Campaign
May 20 June 9
Peters Pence
(closest to feast of SS Peter & Paul)
July 1 June 30
Church in Africa
(3rd Sunday in July)
July 15 July 21
Latin America
(2nd Sunday in August)
August 12 August 11
Mission Cooperative Appeal
(4th Sunday in September)
September 23 September 22
Southern Cross Subscription Drive
(2nd Sunday in October)
October 14 October 13
World Mission Sunday
(next to last Sunday in October)
October 21 October 20
Archdiocese for the Military Services
(every three years)
No Collection November 10
Catholic Campaign for Human Development
(Sunday before Thanksgiving)
November 18 November 24
Religious Retirement
(2nd Sunday in December)
December 9 December 8
Diocese of Savannah Catholic Schools
(Christmas Day)
December 25 December 25
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