Office for the Protection of Children and Young People

The Diocese of Savannah is committed to providing safe environments and fostering continuous improvement in every organization that sponsors activities and/or provides services to children and youth. Through a series of workshops, educational materials, media articles and background checks, the Diocese is:

  • Increasing awareness of potentially harmful situations through the VIRTUS Protecting God's Children for Adults training workshops.
  • Implementing a Diocesan Code of Conduct for Those Working with Minors which outlines acceptable and unacceptable behaviors for all clergy, employees and volunteers.
  • Evaluating background checks for relevance to the employee’s or volunteer’s position.
  • Providing continuing education through the VIRTUS Web site.

April is CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH.  The USCCB Office for Child and Youth Protection has published a Resource Guide for 2017 that includes

  1. Homily helps - talking points and Bible verses
  2. Petitions
  3. Suggested Songs
  4. Bulletin Blurbs
  5. Bulletin Blurbs En Espanol
  6. Bulletin Inserts and Handouts
  7. Sample Prayer Service for Healing
  8. Servicio de la Palabra Para Sanación

The guide can be downloaded from this link.


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