Consecrated Life

Other Forms of Consecrated Life

Consecrated Virgins living in the World

In the Savannah diocese, religious priests, sisters and brothers are actively living Consecrated Life. They belong to religious communities within which they profess vows. The vows vary somewhat by community. Most belong to communities which actively serve the needs of the people of God.

There are 3 women living as Consecrated Virgins Living in the World in the Diocese of Savannah.


One woman lives as a hermit in the Savannah Diocese. This vocation is recognized and blessed by the bishop of the diocese. She lives independently and supports herself.

Individual Forms of Consecrated Life

Many people are called to a life of dedication lived privately. They do not enter religious communities or make any kind of public vow. They express the bond by which they dedicate themselves privately. They live out their consecration individually, either choosing to live the charism of a religious community in a relationship with members of that community, or by making a private vow or promise with a spiritual director.

These are some of the ways that persons in the Savannah Diocese live out an individual form of Consecration:

  • Associates, or persons who affiliate with Religious Communities, sometimes called “Lay” or “Secular”, e.g., Secular Carmelites or Mercy Associates
  • Persons in Private Vows, usually with a spiritual director
  • Persons making a private act of consecration, usually with a spiritual director
  • Missionary Cenacle Apostolate

Delegate for Consecrated Life

Sr. Margaret Downing
706-569-0614 or 443-827-5631

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