What is a Cursillo?

Cursillos in Christianity is a movement that, through a method of its own tries to, and through God's grace manages to enable the essential realities of the Christian to come to life in the uniqueness, originality, and creativity of each person. In becoming aware of their potential and while accepting their limitations they exercise their freedom by their conviction, strengthen their will with their decision, to propitiate friendship in virtue of their constancy in both their personal and community life. More information can be found at

In the Savannah Diocese:Cursillo weekends for men and women are normally held twice a year in different locations around the diocese.

Women's Cursillo # 118  September 7-10, 2017 at Camp Hillview
​Men's Cursillo #119 September 14-17, 2017 at Camp Hillview

Both Cursillos are held at the Camp Hillview near Claxton.  For an application and more information you can check the web site DioSavCursillo or contact Mike Kane, Lay Director, at or Communications Coordinator at

  • Tri City Cursillo Community includes  Columbus, Phoenix City and Fort Benning.  Click here for the Tricity Cursillo Newsletter of the Cursillo community on the western side of the Diocese of Savannah.

The Cursillo Movement of the Diocese of Savannah Palanca Coordinator Barbara Perry asked that we pray for the whole Cursillo Movement and encourage each Ultreya group  to pray each month for our upcoming weekends in this diocese. Additionally, individual Cursillistas are asked to pray and make other sacrifices (Palanca) for Cursillo worldwide as well as in this Diocese. Each person is asked to communicate with Barbara what palanca you are doing so that she may include them in her messages to other Dioceses. Her email is

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