Richard Rafter

St. Boniface - Springfield
Permanent Deacon
Wife- Deborah J. Rafter

Mr. Richard R. Rafter is a native of upstate New York, who moved to Effingham County from the Tampa Florida area in 1987 with his wife Deborah and their three children.  Richard and his wife currently reside in Clyo, Georgia.  Richard and his family were one of the founding families of the St. Boniface parish in Effingham County, and he and his wife Debbie have attended St. Boniface ever since. 

Richard began his career in 1969 as a Navy sonar technician aboard the USS Ulysses S. Grant, a nuclear powered submarine stationed in Charleston, SC from 1969 to 1973.  Richard was employed for almost 30 years in various capacities such as research and development technician, technical manual manager, logistics manager, and engineering manager, by some of the top 100 U.S. companies building and selling U.S. military equipment.  Throughout his career he has worked in various types of U.S. Military Government programs, including fiberglass ship building and various other aircraft design and development programs.  Richard received his law degree from the Atlanta John Marshall Law School in 2002 and has been practicing law in Georgia since 2003.  Mr. Rafter earned his Masters of Theology degree from St. Leo’s college in Florida in 2011.

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