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Today is the feast of St. Henry. Henry was the son of Henry II “the Quarrelsome,” Duke of Bavaria, born in 972. When he was two, his father led a rebellion against his cousin, Holy Roman Emperor Otto II, resulting in Duke Henry's exile and the loss of his title. The younger Henry ended up being educated at St. Mary's Cathedral in Hildesheim. Later, he studied under St. Wolfgang, Bishop of Regensburg. After Otto II's death, the young Emperor Otto III's regent restored Henry the Quarrelsome as Duke of Bavaria. The younger Henry was ten at the time. He succeeded his father as duke twelve years later, after the elder Henry died, and married St. Cunigunde of Luxembourg. Henry became King of Germany in 1002 and Holy Roman Emperor in 1014. He spent his reign working for both Church reform and peace in Europe. According to the custom of the time, he appointed bishops, but unlike many secular rulers, he chose not political allies but men who would help reform the Church in Germany. He ended revolts and conflicts peacefully, pardoning his opponents. In 1007, he established a new diocese in Germany, the Archdiocese of Bamberg. With the help of St. Odilo, Abbot of Cluny Abbey, Henry continued St. Odo's monastic reforms, returning the politically ambitious monks to a life of prayer following the Rule of St. Benedict. He gave so much money to the poor and to building monasteries that his relatives accused him of being irresponsible. Towards the end of his life, Henry dealt with illness and leg problems, and he almost resigned to become a monk. He and his wife never had children, and are thought by some to have taken a vow of celibacy. He died in 1024, and is the only Holy Roman Emperor to be canonized. St. Henry, pray for us!
Celebrating the recent 10th Anniversary of Prayer and Action in Savannah! Between Savannah and Augusta, we had 147 teens working for three weeks. We're incredibly proud of the work our young people have done in our communities. #catholiccommunity #dioceseofsavannah #diosav #prayerandaction #panda
Less than one week until the National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis! Paul Albert, the Diocese of Savannah's new Director of Formation and Catechesis, will be one of the impact session speakers. Stay tuned for coverage of the event! #nationaleucharisticcongress #nec #nationaleucharisticrevival #eucharisticrevival #eucharist #realpresence #jesus #catholicchurch #revival #thisismybody
Happy feast day to Benedictine Military School, Savannah!
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