Protecting Our Children

PLEASE NOTE: As of July 1, 2017, the office of Faith Formation has been divided into Catechesis for Children and Evangelization (for youth and adults). This page will no longer be updated.

All volunteers and paid employees who work with youth in any capacity must meet Safe Environment Requirements:

  1. Fully and successfully completed VIRTUS training (including registering online and participating in online refresher training)
  2. A National Criminal Background Check - at minimum, every 5 years
  3. Diocesan Code of Conduct signed and on file at parish

Compliance questions can be directed to the Office for Child and Youth Protection at (912) 201-4074.

Teaching Touching Safety must be offered annually in all parish faith formation programs for every student. DRE/CREs must obtain the lesson plans  every year by clicking on the Educator Tab of the VIRTUS website after you have logged in. If you are unable to access your VIRTUS page or do not have an Educator Tab, please contact Joan Altmeyer at (912) 201-4074.

More information about VIRTUS and Safe Environment Compliance can be found by visiting the Office for the Protection of Children and Young People.



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