Retrouvaille program is a retreat weekend facilitated by lay couples to offer help and new communication tools for hurting or troubled couples who seek healing in their relationship.

The Retrouvaille Weekend and follow-up sessions are designed to help and renew troubled marriages. If you are thinking about separation or divorce, or you are already separated but want to try again, then Retrouvaille can help. If you and your spouse want your marriage to work and are willing to put forth your best effort, then we invite you to come to Retrouvaille.

The follow-up or post-weekend team members review concepts from the weekend and then facilitate group discussions. The atmosphere is a supportive one for couples wanting to continue the renewal process begun on their weekend.

Retrouvaille weekends are listed on the Marriage, Family, and Respect Life calendar.

Marriage Counseling

Sometimes the stresses of daily life can be overwhelming. The Diocesan Marriage, Family, and Respect Life Office, collaborating with the Tribunal and the Catholic Charities office, provides referral lists of counselors. Individuals, couples and families who are seeking help to identify and clarify issues which may be causing stress can contact the counselors directly or ask for a referral from the pastor or principal. The purpose of counseling is to help clients learn skills or techniques that also can be successfully used in future situations.

Personal counseling in Spanish is available at the Good Samaritan Clinic in Garden City, 912-964-4326, or for parishioners in Savannah by appointment at the Marriage, Family, and Respect Life Office, 912-201-4058.

Please contact the Marriage, Family, and Respect Life office for referrals or more information.

Director of Fellowship and Life

Patrick Tunnell

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