Re-marriage Preparation

"To Trust Again" is a remarriage program presented by the Family Life Office. It is designed specifically for couples when one or both partners have previously been married. Re-marrying in the Catholic Church after a death of a spouse or a divorce and annulment presents spiritual and human challenges that require specific strengths. The presentations by team members (a licensed professionals) address the unique issues of past relationships, step-parenting, blended families and conflict resolution. This workshop replaces or complements the pre-marriage program offered at the deanery or parish level, and qualifies the couple for the reduced marriage license fee in Georgia.

REMARRIAGE PREPARATION programs are especially directed to those couples who have been previously married and have an annulment or dispensation.  It is also appropriate for widows and widowers entering into another relationship or those couples who will have their civil marriage validated in the Church.

REFOCCUS INVENTORY is an excellent tool for preparation of a second marriage or for re-affirming an existing marriage.  Contact the Family Life Director for more information about this inventory.


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