Employment Application

Internal Audit Contractor

The Internal Auditor is responsible for performing site visits to parishes, schools, and social service agencies within the Diocese of Savannah, including tests of internal controls. The internal controls are evaluated against established diocesan financial policies, procedures, and practices.

Based upon the testing and observations performed the auditor will detail reports on findings, and makes appropriate recommendations to strengthen internal controls and compliance with diocesan policies.

Required education, training, and experience should include but are not limited to: a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or related field, MBA or CPA, three years of experience in accounting and auditing, or comparable accounting experience as a business owner/manager. Excellent communication skills, verbally and in writing are crucial to audits success.

Internal controls are evaluated using the Diocese of Savannah ‘Best Practices’. The auditor will perform standardized testing in the area of payroll, payables, receivables, human resources, and IT security. The results of the testing will be presented in a formal internal audit report, which includes recommendations appropriate to help improve the internal controls within the parish, school, or social agency. These reports will be reviewed by the Director of Parish Financial Services/Audit Manager and are then sent out to the parishes, schools, and social agencies to obtain their input for recommendations. The input received is then incorporated into a final report presented to the Pastor and the Parish/School finance council. Two months after final report presentation a follow up visit with the parishes, schools, and social agencies is completed to gauge their acceptance and incorporation of the recommendations into their current working practices as indicated in the findings report.

Audits are assigned on a quarterly basis by the Director of Parish Financial Services. Current standard audit schedule is to review parishes, schools, and social agencies once every 2-3 years. The audit field work is scheduled by each internal auditor directly with the pastor or business manager at the location, and is performed when convenient for all parties, typically within a two week period. Contract auditors determine the amount of work, and the audits they are willing to perform, each month, each quarter, or each year. Each auditor determines their preferred assignment area, and overnight travel limits. Overnight travel is not required. However, limiting your location and overnight assignments may result in fewer audit assignments.

We presently pay $2,250 per audit, plus mileage and any meals/travel expenses if out of town. The audits are budgeted for 56 hours. Any additional time spent over this amount is paid at $42.75 per hour and must be pre-approved by the Director of Parish Financial Services. Most audits are completed in under 56 hours. Auditors are responsible for tracking and documenting their time if they go over the allocated 56 hours

Note: VIRTUS training and criminal background check are required for hiring.


To be considered, send a letter of interest and a resume with three references to: .
Preference will be given to those who are Catholic and in full communion with the Church.