Consecrated Life

The Marian Award

The Marian Award recognizes those in consecrated life who have served in the Diocese of Savannah for at least 15 years.

The award is intended to be given to people who exemplify the qualities of Mary, Mother of God:
  • prayerfulness
  • simplicity of manner
  • willingness to stand up for others
  • not seeking personal attention
  • readiness to say yes when asked to serve, even when the way ahead is not clear
  • quiet virtues and steadfastness

While not necessarily the leader of an organization or ministry group, this person would be known for supporting the development of leadership in others.

This person would be seen as drawing others into spiritual or ministry endeavours.

The ministry in which this person engages would be consistent with Catholic Social Teaching.

Persons who have been employed by the diocese or in a parish may be considered for the Marian Award.

Except in unusual circumstances determined by the Bishop, recipients of the Gartland Award would not also receive the Marian Award.


Persons all over the diocese will be encouraged to nominate those in consecrated life (e.g., religious sisters, brothers and priests who are members of religious orders) whom they see as fitting this description. Nominees should be persons who have served in the Savannah diocese for a total of 15 years or more.

Type of award

The Marian Award is not primarily a material award. The recognition of the Bishop, and of the nominator and committee, of the qualities of the person is the essential part of the award. The material part of the award consists of a statue of Mary Untier of Knots and a check which can be used as the awardee wishes. The amount will be one hundred dollars initially. The amount can change as appropriate to funds available.

When given

The day on which the diocese celebrates the day of Consecrated Life, on or about Feb. 2, is the time that this award is presented. It can be presented at other times at the discretion of the Bishop. The deadline for nominations is December 8.

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