Updates on 2014 Seminarians

Reprinted from: Vocatio, the newsletter of the St. John Vianney Ministry of Savannah, April 2014 issue.

Deacon Vernon Knight will be ordained a priest at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Savannah, at 10:00 A.M., on May 31, 2014. John Wright and Brian O’Shaughnessy, both serving a pastoral year, will return to their seminaries to continue their discernment and studies. Hopefully both will be ordained as deacons in June 2015.

As is now customary, Tony Visintainer and Patrick Tunnell, who will both have completed their second year of Theology, will begin serving their pastoral years. Tony will be with Fr. Douglas Clark at St. Matthew’s in Statesboro and Patrick will serve with Fr. Allan McDonald at St. Joseph’s in Macon. There are currently thirteen men in the Diocese of Savannah Seminary Program and with Deacon Knight’s projected Ordination, the number will drop to twelve. But with the delayed arrival of the two Nigerian seminarians, Theodore Agba and Peter Lanshima, plus the potential addition of three to four young men who have mostly completed their application process, the number could be rise to 17-18 seminarians next year. Continued prayers are important to help guide these young men on their discernment journeys.

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