Catholic Pastoral Center reorganization will increase time devoted to service, says Bishop

Catholic Pastoral Center Reorganization

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April 5, 2017

Earlier this year, Bishop Hartmayer saw the need for a new reporting structure and organization within the Catholic Pastoral Center to allow us to increase the time we devote to serving the Priests, Deacons, Religious, and lay faithful in our parishes. The Church must continually be renewed according to times and places and persons, and we should always allow the Holy Spirit to renew us and the structures we have in place to build the Kingdom of God and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Pope Francis, in a homily at the Casa Santa Marta last July, put it this way:

“Jesus tells us that new wine requires new wineskins. In the Christian life, and also in the life of the Church, there are old structures, outdated structures, they have to be renewed! And the Church has always been attentive to this….It always allows itself to be renewed according to places, times and persons. The Church has always done this work, right from the beginning! Don’t be afraid of this! Don’t be afraid of the innovation of the Gospel. Don’t be afraid of the innovation that the Holy Spirit works within us! Don’t be afraid of the renewal of structures! If we are afraid, we know that our Mother is with us and, like children who are a bit afraid, let’s go to her and she – as the most ancient antiphon says will ‘guard us with her mantle, with her protection as mother…’”

Over the past month, the Catholic Pastoral Center has undergone a study of this kind, examining the effectivity and efficiency of the office. This has resulted in a reorganization of the Pastoral Center Staff. We began the study the week of February 27th and communicated the results and the reorganization to the Pastoral Center staff these last few days, culminating today [April 5, 2017] in a lunch meeting with the entire staff. The transition to the new organization structure began today and will be completed by July 1, 2017.

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