Child and Youth Protection


The Diocese of Savannah is committed to providing safe environments and fostering continuous improvement in every organization that sponsors activities and/or provides services to children and youth.

Through a series of workshops, educational materials, media articles and background checks, the Diocese is:

  • Increasing awareness of potentially harmful situations through the VIRTUS Protecting God's Children adult training workshops.
  • Implementing a Diocesan Code of Conduct for Those Working with Minors which outlines acceptable and unacceptable behaviors for all clergy, employees and volunteers.
  • Evaluating background checks for relevance to the employee’s or volunteer’s position.
  • Providing continuing education through the VIRTUS Web site.
All volunteers and paid employees must meet Safe Environment Requirements.

Procedures for Handling Allegations

Download: Reporting Form for Allegations

Receiving Allegations: Dos and Don'ts

Child and Youth Protection: @diosavCYP

    Safe Environment Director

    Joan B. Altmeyer
    Toll-Free Hotline: 888-357-5330


    Diocesan Human Resources Director



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