Coordinator for GRACE Scholars | Diocese of Savannah


Coordinates GRACE Scholars partnerships and fund development for Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Savannah participating in the GRACE Scholars program.

Personal Requirements

  • Practicing Catholic in good standing with the Church, preferred
  • Personal philosophy, value, and lifestyle, which are consistent with a position of leadership in a Catholic school
  • Ability to work collaboratively with GRACE, (arch)diocesan and school personnel
  • Ability to articulate and implement a vision for growth and advancement
  • Self-motivated, able to plan, organize, and coordinate activities
  • Strong written and oral communication skills

Academic/Professional Requirements

  • An undergraduate degree, at minimum
  • Successful fundraising/development experience (minimum 5 years)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office software
  • Experience with DonorPerfect, preferred
  • Catechetical certification (or in process)
  • Travel within the Diocese of Savannah is required
  • VIRTUS training and criminal background check
  • Evidence of continuing education
  • Three (3) references

Performance Responsibilities:

General Duties

  • Attends meetings with (arch)diocesan and GRACE Scholars personnel; serves as Diocese of Savannah liaison for GRACE Scholars
  • Provides updates on individual school activity and corporate relations
  • All other duties as assigned by the Diocese of Savannah Superintendent of Schools

Assist school-based personnel

  • Cultivates relationships with school-based personnel
  • Develops program/system for success at school level (best practices)
  • Works directly to assist smaller schools
  • Attend/Co-hosts GRACE events, talks, donor drives, etc.
  • Serves as an extension of the school-based GRACE coordinator
  • Plans and directs regular group meetings of school administrators/advancement personnel
  • Conducts GRACE Scholars program evaluations and recommends and assists with improvement efforts
  • Provides regular, timely reports
  • Creates promotional materials and social media ready posts to schools
  • Educates on fundraising best practices and strategies to grow donors, donations, and matching gifts.
  • Provides educational/how-to information to use with prospective donor groups, (individuals and pass-throughs)
  • Co-host events/talks

Cultivate and secure corporate partnerships

  • Research potential corporate donors
  • Cultivate corporate partnerships
  • Secure corporate donations

Articulate proficient knowledge of SSO policy and legislation

  • Remain current on laws, legislation, etc. that could impact SSOs and GRACE, in particular
  • Maintain relationship with lobbyist for Georgia Catholic Conference
  • Provide school and partners with information on tax changes and legislation that could impact donors and donations

Assist in developing a plan for continuous improvement of GRACE Scholars program in the Diocese of Savannah

  • Establish reporting norms for schools
  • Create a strategic marketing toolkit for schools to recruit and educate continuously.
  • Establish a communication calendar
Note: VIRTUS training and criminal background check are required for hiring.


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