Youth Rally and Mass for Life in Washington, DC

Please read this information carefully as it contains very important information regarding the ticketing process for the 2019 Youth Rally and Mass for Life to be held on Friday, January 18, 2019 in Washington DC.  This year there will be only one event at Capitol One Arena, so fewer tickets will be issued!!
In order to ensure that more groups are able to attend the rally and celebrate as a diocese in one location, tickets must be reserved through the Diocese of Savannah.  With this in mind, this office - the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry - will process all ticket orders.

The OYYAM does not sponsor the diocesan trip - Parishes/Schools and individual groups make their own travel and lodging arrangements.  We highly encourage everyone to coordinate their trips with each other, particularly with other Deanery, Parishes/Schools and groups.  Since the OYYAM serves as the central hub for ticket ordering, we are happy to connect you with other Parishes/Schools and groups in your deanery, or the Diocese, that plan to attend.  If you would like to be connected with other attending Parishes/Schools and individual groups, please email Amy Elkins so you information can be passed on to other who are attending the Youth Rally and Mass.

The process for ordering and receiving tickets is as follows:

  1. Ticket orders must be received by the OYYAM by October 25th, 2018 using the ONLINE TICKET ORDER FORM (SCROLL DOWN).
  2. The OYYAM will send a request for the total number of tickets requested  to the Archdiocese of Washington DC.
  3. Placing a ticket order does not guarantee that your group will receive the number of tickets it requests.  Due to the increased demand for tickets and the desire of the Archdiocese to provide space for all dioceses who request tickets, each diocese will most likely receive a lesser amount of tickets than ordered.  If this happens, the OYYAM will allot tickets to groups based on the percentage of tickets received.  For example, if the OYYAM places an order for 500 tickets and 300 are received (60% of the order) then each group will receive 60% of their order.
  4. Shortly after we receive notification from the Archdiocese on the number of tickets we will receive (early to mid November), each group placing an order by the October 25th deadline will be notified with the number of tickets they will receive.
  5. Each group will then have until January 5th to organize their group and secure the number of people for the tickets reserved in their name.
  6. On January 7th, the OYYAM will contact each group to obtain their final number and mail groups the appropriate number of tickets. 
  7. Any remaining tickets not needed by groups will be made available to groups that may need extra tickets or returned to the Archdiocese of Washington..

Remember, TICKET ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY October 25th, 2018.  No orders received after this date will be honored UNLESS tickets are left unclaimed.


If you have questions or need any other information, contact Amy Elkins.

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