Spanish Youth

The Ministry to Hispanic Youth and Young Adults of the Diocese of Savannah is a section of the Office for Youth and Young Adult Ministry which has been dedicated to pay special attention to the needs of Hispanic youth and young adults as well as those who minister to them.


  • To empower youth and young adult ministry in each parish ·
  • To create a core group of young leaders and offer leadership training ·
  • To reach the youth who are not normally reached by the Church, especially the at-risk un-churched youth ·
  • To create a strong network of support and fellowship for Hispanic youth and young adults ·
  • To promote a common ministry rather than the separation of ‘Anglo’ and ‘Hispanic’ ministries


Hispanic Youth and Young Adult Ministry is divided in seven areas of service: ·

  • Formation ·
  • Evangelization ·
  • Apostolate ·
  • Integration ·
  • Network ·
  • Spirituality ·
  • Parish Assistance

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