2011-2012 Standardized Testing Results of Diocesan Catholic Schools

The Catholic Diocese of Savannah is proud to present the standardized testing results from the 2011-2012 school year.

In each of the diocesan elementary schools, students in Grades 1 though 8 are tested annually during the first week of March using Terra NovaTMThird Edition achievement test published by CTB McGraw-HillThis standardized test is one of the most frequently used and highly respected in both public and private schools across the nation.  We are proud to note that the (NP of the Mean NCE) indicates that the average Savannah diocesan student in EVERY score in EVERY grade ranked above the national 50% average.  (N.B. These percents do NOT represent test scores.  That is, a 65% indicates better performance than 65% of the nation – not 65% correct.) 

The national quartile ranking again shows the excellence of the diocesan results. In the nation, 25 % of the population is distributed in each quartile. In EVERY score of EVERY grade the percent of our students in the lowest quartile is well below 25% and in the highest ranking quartile, the percentage is consistently higher than 25%. (See below for the more detailed grade by grade reports.)

The schools in the Diocese of Savannah are members of the National Catholic Education Association and are accredited by AdvancEd (SACS).

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