Tribunal Forms and Resources for Parishes

The documents available on this page are for use in submitting a case to the Tribunal. They are here for convenience so the most current versions are always available. They can be printed and filled out.

It is important that a petitioner have a meeting with their Case Sponsor prior to printing these forms. This meeting is to ensure the correct form(s) are being used. In addition you can explain your situation to the Case Sponsor so they can guide you to the sections of the forms that will need particular attention for your situation. Please note the Tribunal will not accept a case without a Case Sponsor.

Pre-Nuptial Forms Annulment Forms
Pre-Nuptial Envelope [pdf] New Briefer Process (PDF)
  Case Sponsor Application (PDF)
Bride/Groom - Form A Formal Cases Only:
Affidavit Regarding the Free Status of Bride or Groom - Form B Lack of Form Cases:
Dispensations from Canonical Form for a Mixed Marriage - Form C Ligamen Cases:
Application for Dispensations/Permissions - Form D Pauline Privilege:
Previous Marriage - Form E  
Letter of Delegation - Form L  
Affidavit of Baptism - Form M-5  
Notice of Marriage  
Affidavit of Proper Pastor  
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