The Diocesan Tribunal is heavily subsidized by the Diocese. To keep the subsidy within manageable limits, persons submitting a case are asked to pay three hundred dollars ($300) to help defray the expense. This money is used primarily for the cost of the psychological assessment.

Petitioners who feel they cannot meet this schedule should provide a letter to the Tribunal detailing the manner in which they could pay their fee. In no instance should financial considerations prevent or discourage a person from submitting a case.

Forms of payment include checks, money order and PayPal. We do not accept cash.

Formal/Briefer Process
Lack of Form

St. Thomas More and St. Fabiola, pray for us.

The Tribunal office is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Judicial Vicar

Reverend J. Gerard Schreck, JCD

Diocesan Tribunal

Phone: 912-201-4133/912-201-4132
Fax: 912-201-4099

Diocesan Judges

Rev. J. Gerard Schreck, J.C.D., Judicial Vicar
Rev. Daniel F. Firmin, J.C.L., Judge
Rev. Msgr. John A. Renken, J.C.D., Judge

Defenders of the Bond

Rev. Andrew Larkin, J.C.L.
Rev. Douglas Clark, S.T.L.

Promoter of Justice

Rev. Thomas Healy, J.D.


Bernadine J. Rego (912) 201-4133
Patti Seanor (912) 201-4132


Eloisa Newman (912) 201-4131
(Assists with Spanish cases)


St. Thomas More and St. Fabiola, pray for us.