The Catholic Priesthood

A priest brings the light of Christ into the darkness of the world.
A priest leads others to Christ.
A priest is a powerful instrument of God’s infinite mercy.
A priest knows that God’s grace fills in what is lacking by nature.
A priest, united to Christ, lays down his life out of love for Christ and others.
A priest seeks and finds the presence of Christ in every person, in every situation, in every circumstance, no exception.
A priest is aware he is a priest not because of his great abilities or personal merit, but because he has been called by God for a unique role in the Church.
A priest goes to wherever he is sent to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ because wherever there are ears to listen, there the Gospel must be preached.
A priest surrenders his whole being to those he serves, not as a master, but as a friend.
A priest is an instrument of unity and reconciliation, guiding those wishing to grow closer to Christ.
A priest is indispensable when it comes to celebrating the sacraments, but a specific priest is never indispensable.
A priest knows that the Priesthood is not a job or career, but rather a total surrender of himself out of love.
The Priesthood of Jesus Christ has existed before any priest alive today and it will continue to exist after every priest alive today is dead.

Resources for Discernment

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