Youth Ministry

Fundraising Ideas

  • Auction

    Live, silent, blind, etc.
  • Bake Sale

  • Car Show

  • Car Smash

    Find an old car that doesn't work, and charge people $$$ to smash it with a baseball bat.
  • Free Car Wash

    Get the youth to find people to sponsor them (per car) before hand. If each youth finds 20 people to sponsor them at 10 cents per car, the group then washes 100 cars, each kid collects $200 ($10 a person). Also, people having their car washed, often insist on leaving a donation, so have a "Free Donation Box" set up and see how much you can raise.
  • Chili Cook Off

  • Drive-In Movie Night

    Turn the church parking lot into an old-style drive-in. Have students serve as waiters and waitresses, with a menu that includes candy, hamburgers, hot dogs, and more.
  • Flamingo Your Yard

    Get a bunch of yard flamingos and charge $10 to have the youth group flamingo someone's yard. The person flamingo-ed can get rid of the flamingos by paying $5 to the youth group. And for another $5 the youth will flamingo someone else's yard. For an extra $3 the youth will flamingo the person who got you. People can also buy "Flamingo Insurance" for $5.
  • Flower Sale

    Offer an assortment of flowers to sell after Mass during (or near) Valentine's or Mother's Day.
  • Food Sale

    Host a breakfast or lunch after Mass one weekend. Or sell plates of food during holidays, New Years, Super Bowl, Lent, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.
  • Golf Tournament

  • One Great Day

    If planning a trip, take the total cost of the trip (per student) and divide it by how many days the trip will last. Write a letter asking for people to sponsor a day of their trip.
  • Parents Day Out

    Have the youth group babysit children so that parents can have a night to themselves. If you really want to make a difference, put on a nice date night for parents (dinner, dancing, etc) while the youth group babysit.
  • Restaurant Take Over

    Find a restaurant that will donate a portion of their sales to your group during a specific time (Tuesday 4-7 PM). In return you will promote this night and get as many people as you can to eat during that time.
  • Stock in the Youth Group

    Publicize the event you are fundraising for. Then, explain that your group is "incorporating" under the laws of Heaven. Offer one share of the stock for $5 per share per month for the next six months. Have the stock option slips in the bulletin so people can sign up for their commitments. Include name, address, phone #, and a place to write down how many shares and the dollar amount. When you get the commitments, prepare stock certificates-certifying how many shares the person bought. Mail them out to each person with an introduction letter, payment statement and mailing envelopes for three months. You can do a second mailing for the last three months. Then after the event you were fundraising for hold a share holders dinner. (Be sure to include the cost of the dinner into what you need to earn).
  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game

    Sell Concessions during a sporting event and receive a percentage of the profit.
  • Trading Cards

    Create a display of envelopes designating different dollar amounts. Place "Trading Cards" inside for the people going on the trip. The higher the dollar amount someone picks the more cards they get. Each trading card should include a picture of the youth with their name, and on the back what grade they are in school, what trip they are attending, why they want to go, etc.). Have donors use these cards to pray for the youth. Donations tend to be larger when a higher top-dollar amount is available. For example, if your goal is $10,000, then start at $1,000, going down to $500, $200, $100, $50, $20, $10 and $5.
  • Trivia Night

    Host a trivia night at the parish. Have teams of 5 people and charge a flat rate of $50 per team.
  • Youth for Hire

    Let people hire the youth for odd jobs around the house. Could rake leaves and charge per bag, was the car, mow the lawn, etc.
  • 100 Card Fundraiser

    Get a pack of 100 index cards and number them 1-100. Then mix them up and lay them face down. When people come to choose a card, tell them that whatever # is on the card, that is how much they will donate (this must be agreed upon before they pick the card). After the card is chosen, the card must be put off to the side, it can NOT go back in the regular pile. (This fundraiser can raise up to $5,050 if every card is chosen.)

Vicar for Evangelization & Education

Fr. Kevin O'Keefe

Director of Youth Ministry

Caroline Ebberwein

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